Data Morgana: Milestones of Data Science

Video: Data Morgana: Milestones of Data Science

Studium Generale by Tilburg University  [45:24]

Tilburg University

Data Morgana is a short lecture series, divided into four parts, about the promises, hype, and misconceptions surrounding data science. Watch this second session, where we look at the milestones and accomplishments of data science.

Data science has become a controversial topic in many scientific and societal debates. We hear a lot about the pitfalls of data science; inherent biases in algorithms; privacy issues; the illusion of objectivity – which are all valid concerns. But are we forgetting the great possibilities and progress data science has brought us? Data scientists are not only the evil geniuses behind Cambridge Analytica and social media algorithms: all around the world, data scientists work to provide humanitarian aid, to fight for equality and sustainability, and to fight against hunger and poverty.

In this session, we are zooming in on a few of those milestones of data science to assess: what good can data science do in our troubled world?

Speaker is Meike Reusken, PhD candidate at the Zero Hunger Lab of Tilburg University. She is working together with the United Nation’s World Food Program and the Dutch Food Bank to find innovative and sustainable solutions to tackle hunger in the Netherlands and worldwide. T

he Data Morgana sessions are organized by Studium Generale, SV Flow and DSA Pattern.

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