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Innovation Friday


Innovation Friday – the monthly ‘open house’ of ABN AMRO’s Innovation Centre – will take you on a journey towards the future of the financial sector. In the space of an hour, we’ll dive into the latest developments that are fundamentally changing the world, or are about to do so.

We’ll focus on a different theme each month, such as blockchain, open banking, artificial intelligence or the circular economy. We’ll invite experts in each field to tell us what they think, and share our own vision of these developments. By the time the weekend starts, you’ll be completely inspired!

The theme of this Innovation Friday will be Circular Economy.

The Circular Economy offers many opportunities for the financial sector and her clients. We live in a linear world where we ‘make, take and dispose’ products. This is no longer sustainable both for our economy as well as for our planet. Raw materials are being depleted and may soon become extinct and climate change will have a huge impact on both our economy and especially our ecology. The Circular Economy aims to keep materials & products ‘in the loop’ by designing them differently, using them differently and reuse/recycle/refurbish them differently.

The Dutch government has set a target that the Netherlands must be completely circular in 2050 and that by 2030 50% less virgin materials must be used. According to an article by McKinsey the transition towards a circular economy by adopting circular-economy principles can both benefit Europe environmentally and socially but could also generate a net economic benefit of €1.8 trillion by 2030 and make Europe more competitive. The Circular Economy is a hot topic, one where every business can make a difference and working together is the key towards success.

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